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Another big change that caused my abandonment of the blog was my job situation. My office job had to let me go because of the economy and I went "full time" at the mall. What that actually means is that they had me there like a full time employee because they knew I needed the money but because they are shiesty I didn't get benefits and every so often my hours would drop. I was promoted to a management position which gave me more money but also added to my stress level. It stayed like that for almost an entire year and got worse every second.

We went though 5 store managers and countless employees. Describing it as hell on earth would be an understatement. Due to my incredible work ethic and the lack of other employment options I allowed myself to become their bitch. During that time I did manage to learn a lot about the business, the public at large and myself.

I know now that I'm much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. I've never been more miserable in my entire life. I would come home almost every night surrounded by a little doom cloud of stress that I just couldn't seem to shake. It got so bad that several time the beef offered to support me financially while I looked for another job. I stuck to my guns though and eventually found another job that allowed me to leave the mall.

I work at a spa now, which just by it's nature is a much more relaxing. The people I work with are a lot nicer and the bosses are actually humane. I'm extremely happy at work now, succeeding, making friends and when I come home at night I'm smiling.

The spa is just a temporary stop though, something to keep my sanity in the mean time. I've been taking CNA classes and I'm scheduled to take the state certification test in December. From there I'm hoping to move into the health care field. I've always had an inclination towards that area and I feel like now is as good a time as any to get started.

No matter what happens right now as far as work stuff is concerned I could not be happier. :-D

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  1. From an 11 year veteran of retail, it's always heartwarming to see a story of someone who not only escaped with their mental faculties intact, but actually managed to learn something along the way. One of the only positives of having worked in retail is that you tend to appreciate other jobs much, much more.