Come on, get happy!

Since it's Monday and most people don't like Mondays I've decided to refocus to things that make me happy instead of dwelling on the long week that's stretched out in front of me.

So here we go, 5 things that are making me happy right now.


The weather is a little bit colder, the flannel sheets are on the bed and even though there's been a fight over the thermostat I can always open my window. Apparently The Big Cheese (my father) is part polar bear and I inherited his sleeping habits.

One of the nice things about this is that The Beef is also big into cuddling, so even if he's just woken up, looked at the clock and realized he's horribly late for work I still get my morning cuddles right before he goes zooming around the house getting ready to leave.


I love singing though even when drinking I still don't have the courage to do it in front of anyone. I'm pretty sure I make Marla Hooch sound like a choir of angles when I open my mouth to belt out a tune. That doesn't matter though b/c if I'm alone in my car or hanging out with The Beef and something I know the words to comes on, away I go. One of my most favorite times to start yowling away is when he's designated driving me home from the bar, not a care in the world, I control the ipod and I'm putting on a hell of a show.


If you don't know what pinterest is you're really missing out. It's a magical place where you can collect all of the things you like on the internet. If you want to save tips or pictures on organization, cooking, wardrobe, interior decorating, crafting, it is your one stop shop. I'm real not sure how I ever managed to live without it. Oh yeah, I book marked the hell out of everything and never went back to it...


I hate socks. I think they're evil. I can't stand wearing them but sometimes it's necessary. On the other hand I love my slippers. It's cold enough now to run around the house in them without looking like a crazy person and you can believe that the very minute I get home the socks are gone and the slippers are on. So heavenly...


I know I know, it's a bit early for this. Most of my friends are in the one holiday at a time camp and think it's way too early for this but I don't care. I've already been bumping the holiday tunes in the car (and singing my heart out) and planning my decorations this year. No offense to Thanksgiving but my favorite part about it is that that's the night The Big Cheese turns on his insane front lawn Christmas decorations. Everything is bright and shiny, why would you want to wait to celebrate all of that?

What's making you happy right now?

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