Plaid Squares!

Something I love very much is plaid. I lucked out in that the beef is just as big a fan as I am. I was doing a test run of something I'd like to do as Christmas presents this year and ended up liking my practice run so much I made another one and they both now hang in our bedroom.

Since I didn't know I'd be blogging about the project I didn't take step by step pictures. None the less I'll try to describe the process as accurately as I can.

What you need to do it the way I did it:
Square piece of fabric big enough to stretch over the canvas
8 1/2" x 11" piece of freezer paper
81/2" x 11" piece of regular paper
Scotch tape
A piece of cardboard
X-acto knife
Iron/Ironing board
Spray paint

Step by step.

Chose the word or phrase that you want on your finished project.
Type it in to a word program in the format that you desire.
Using the tape attatched the two pieces of paper together before you feed them into the printer. Arrange the paper so that the words will be printed on the dull side of the freezer paper. Putting the freezer paper on the regular paper will stop it from jamming in the printer.
Print out your words and then cut them out with the x-acto knife.
Place the cardboard under the paper so you don't cute whatever surface you're using.
Remember to leave bridges on any of the letters that need them. (O's, A'S, e's etc) these will be removed later, for now if you don't do this then the letters will have big holes in them.
Once the phrase is cut out line up the freezer paper on the fabric.
Once the placement is to your liking iron the paper to the fabric, this will make it stick.
Once the paper is firmly in place you can cut out the bridges.
Iron the paper again to make sure the little pieces are in place, you may need to arrange them.
Bring the fabric/paper to a well ventilated area, cover the fabric that is exposed outside of the freezer paper with newspaper so it doesn't get paint on it.
Spray paint the freezer paper/fabric with as many layers as you deem necessary.
When the pain is dry peel off the freezer paper and remove the areas left by the bridges.
Staple the fabric to the canvas, and ta-dah! You're done.

Here are the two that I made.

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  1. Good god. You hit ludicrous speed and just kept on going!