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Have you heard about the Day Zero Project?

If not you can learn more about it here. I've recently decided to opt in to this. There's a button on the side if you'd like to follow my progress but I'm sure I'll be blogging like crazy about it. I don't like the way the site isn't letting me organize all the tasks I've put up there so I've categorized all of them below. I'm not expecting anyone to read through all of them I just need them organized somewhere.

My completion date is August 8, 2014.

There are no words for how excited I am about this.

Make a birthday cake for a friend
Try two new cookie recipes this Christmas
Start a holiday tradition
Go through a corn maze
Host a murder mystery party
Send Christmas cards
Stay up and watch the sunrise on New Years
Build a snow man
Make a snow angel
Have a snowball fight

Host a dinner party
Try 5 new foods
Have dinner by candelight
Go vegetarian for a month
Make a custom recipe book
Make homemade bread
Stop drinking booze for a month
Eat only raw food for a day
Eat a raw diet for one week
Don't eat chocolate for a week
Don't drink soda for a week
Eat Vegan for a weekend
Learn to eat with chop sticks
Eat at 10 new resturants
Make my own beef jerky
Try a new recipe each month
Bake a cake for someone (for no reason)
Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever it on it
Take a cooking class

Go to a yoga class
Run a half marathon
Get to my ideal weight
Do the 200 sit-ups challenge (
Be able to do 100 push-ups
Wake up early every day for 5 days and go for a run
Complete a 5k run
Quit smoking for a month
Participate in some kind of dance class
Run a mile
Join a gym

Attend the midnight premiere of a movie
See a drive-in movie
Not log into facebook for a whole week
Sing karakoe at a bar
Learn how to drive a stick shift
Watch casablanca
Go electronic free for a weekend (no cell, tv, internet, computer)
Go a week with no cellphone, computer or TV
Listen to 5 DVD commentaries
Host a movie marathon

Read 100 books (Sign up for and keep rack of books read)
Find 10 books that inspire me
Keep a diary for a year
Read Catch 22
Read 5 classic books

Carve my name on a tree
Hug a tree
Spend an entire day naked
Go barefoot for an entire day
Visit a botanical garden
Visit a national park
Watch the sunrise on a beach
Go camping for a weekend
Visit a planetarium
Go on a hike

Take a road trip with friends
Visit Washington, CD
Meet an online friend in person
Travel somewhere by train
Go on a travel holiday or cruise

Donate Blood
Become a bone marrow donor
Get certified in CPR
Visit a dentist
Floss every day for a month
Complete a 365 day photo challenge
Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
Take care of my skin
Spend the night in a blanket fort
Move into my own apartment
Get professional photos done
Get professional black & white boudoir photos done
Pay for someone's order behind me in line
Buy someone flowers
Write a love letter to my husband (boyfriend)

Get a pedicure
Get my eyebrows waxed

Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
Write a short story
See a play/musical
Paint a canvas
Go to shakespear in the park
Complete a cross stitch project
Make my own board game
Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet from the nature
Learn how to knit or crochet
Finish my tattoo

Save $10 for every task I complete
Go a month without buying anything that isn't a necessity
Sell something on ebay or craigslist
Cut my debt by 1/3

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