Wedding Recap Part 1

Most of the following was written a day or two after the wedding as I recaped the big event for some friends who couldn't get it and were dying for details. I am so glad that I did this right away because I really did forget almost everything that happened. When my photographer sent me the pictures I said a lot of "oh yeah, I forgot about that". It's amazing that the old cliche of it all being a blur is 100% true, and here I was thinking that I had been stopping to savor moments. 

Ok Recap... because the only way I know how to do this is to tell you every single thing that I can remember. 

This is going to be LONG.

I woke up Saturday morning in within the first five minutes of consciousness I'd already gone from terrified to nervous to excited and back again, it was quite the roller coaster. The beef helped chill me out though. 

Then it was off to Mom's house for The Big Hat Breakfast with the Bitches which was completely lovely and exactly what I needed to stay calm and get some food in me. There was a fantastic speech given with words from some of the lovely ladies who couldn't make it and a strand of buttons (for button!) one from each bitch to carry on my bouquet. 


I also may have tried to hatch a plan to steal Gus. We matched but he didn't care.

 While there Katie, my photographer, started banging away at detail shots because she felt like she was going to throw up. She's a talented photographer but had never done a wedding before and she was feeling a lot of nerves. 

From there it was time to get glammed up so Katie, Mom and I headed over to my friend Kristina's house where she and her sister Kim were ready for us with more alcohol and glam supplies. 

Hair came first and it went off without a hitch. I took a brief intermission between hair and makeup and for whatever reason suddenly realized that I'd forgotten to bring my undergarments. No big deal, it was a short trip to my place and back for my saintly mother to retrieve them.

Make up went well I didn't lose an eye to Kims mascara wand like I'd feared. About half way through it dawned on me that I was getting married and I started giggling. This may or may not have had something to do with the fact that I'd been sipping screwdrivers all morning. 

In the meantime Katie we outside to use some different scenery for more details shots.

And then suddenly hair and make up were done and we weren't behind schedule at all so I was able to take a few minutes break outside alone with my mother where I giggled a lot more.

There was some confusion about where I would get dressed in the house because we needed lighting and space. Eventually it was decided that the living room with the big picture window looking out onto the road would work best. I decided I would be putting on more modest underpants. 

My mother helped me into my dress, took one look at me and started to cry. My mother hasn't cried once since she started taking her medication, not even at a funeral for a baby. This came as a shock to me and my first reaction was to slap her to get her to stop but I kept my wits about me and my hands to myself and somehow managed to contain my tears from spilling out of my eyes.

Then it came time for me to see myself in the full length mirror and it really shocked me, I didn't recognize myself at first. Then I decided that I looked wonderful and started to breath again.

From there everyone headed over to the ceremony site while Katie and I headed back to Mom's house to meet The Beef for pictures. I called him on the way, he said he would get there before us and I instructed him to hide in the bathroom, he said ok but when we got there he passed us on his motorcycle so I ended up hiding in the bushes until he came back and Katie could hide him in the house while we did some just me portraits. 

We took some pictures and then it was time for him to join us. Katie brought him out to the back of the yard while I was hidden behind him, he had his eyes closed and he seemed a little nervous but I could tell Katie joking around with him was making him feel better. He just wanted to make sure we weren't playing a trick on him and he wouldn't be opening his eyes to see a dude standing in front of him. 

When it was finally time for him to see me he opened his eyes and his smile was real and the first thing he said was "hi beautiful" and I absolutely melted. 

Then it was time to get some portraits out of the way. Nice pictures that we knew our parents would really want but probably wouldn't be feeling patient for with a party going on after the ceremony.

The pictures certainly are very pretty and exactly the kind we were going for but they only show one part of our personality and no matter how hard we try when the camera is on eventually the other side comes out and we truly become our silly selves. This is the point of a first look anyway, getting rid of the jitters and what gets rid of the jitters faster than this?

We took a few more pictures and then it was time to get going. Off to the ceremony!

To Be Continued...

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