Wedding Recap Part 4

Most of the following was written a day or two after the wedding as I recaped the big event for some friends who couldn't get there and were dying for details. I am so glad that I did this right away because I really did forget almost everything that happened. When my photographer sent me the pictures I said a lot of "oh yeah, I forgot about that". It's amazing that the old cliche of it all being a blur is 100% true, and here I was thinking that I had been stopping to savor moments. Below you will find part 3 you can start with part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

The Beef has been having shirts with BT Customs printed on them for a while and we thought it only appropriate to incorporate that into the wedding. The shirts only come in a boxy man style so I altered mine to be a bit more fun. I cut open the top and laced it back together with black cord through the grommets I punched in. I based it off of this pin I found.

We had set up a photobooth in the garage that turned out to be a really big hit. It was somewhat more family friendly (aside from The Beefs step father who found the coconut bra) at the beginning of the shindig and slowly slid into madness as the night went out. End up with every single person left at the party cramming themselves into the frame.

And then The Beefs motorcycle made an appearance.

The Beef and I also rarely miss an opportunity for a good couples selfie and our wedding day was certainly no exception.

From there we had great fun making a fire, doing our own versions of horrible karaoke at the microphone, late night grilling, skipping around, singing, dancing and head banging.

The night ended with about 8 of us left in the back yard, my father in law included, just hanging out and laughing, it was all pretty perfect and I'm so glad it turned out just how we expected.

The End!

It was the best day of my life so far and I was really happy to find out in the following weeks how many people truly had an amazing time. We even heard a few "best wedding ever" because of the casual no pressure atmosphere that we created. 

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