Honeymoon Recap

We left for our cruise almost 2 weeks after the wedding. I highly recommend this because I was able to get out all my Thank You cards and get everything put away so there was nothing to worry about while we were away. We went on an 8 day Carnival cruise. 

Cruise was fun, but we both had colds so we took a lot of naps and stayed in the room a lot, which really wasn't so bad. 

We started out taking the train down to NYC where the ship was leaving fun. The train ride is always a prime time for couples selfies. 

We arrived at the cruise terminal in what I thought was really good time but ended up having to wait almost three hours until boarding the ship. Apparently the computers were down so all check in was being done manually but they didn't feel like letting anyone in on this information. 

This has us slightly cranky but that all went away when we stepped into our stateroom.

Orange juice is good for colds right? Even if there's vodka?

The second night was the first Notre Dame game of the season so I put on a green dress and headed to the on ship sports bar after dinner. They lost and I pouted.

The third night the Giants were playing the cowboys and I was pumped because they were showing it on the HUGE screen over the pool. But they lost and I pouted.

Our first stop was San Juan. It was awesome in that we found a nearly empty beach and played grab ass in the ocean for a while before heading back to the ship for our afternoon nap.

 One of our issues on the boat was not wanting to spend all of our money at the bar. We bought bottles of vodka on the boat but couldn't find anything decent to mix it in because the juices were gross and the soda cost money. While off the boat we found a store that sold cans of fruit punch. BINGO!

Only left the boat for about an hour in St. Thomas to do some shopping because it went from hot and sunny to cold and rainy every 20 minutes or so and I was hacking up a lung so I wasn't into 
it. We did a ton of souvenir shopping there though. 


Once back on the boat I decided to relax on the deck and watch the weather roll in and out of the little cove we were docked in.

Every night we had a fun game where when we got back to our stateroom post turn down service it was a race to see if I could get to the towel animal to take a picture before The Beef punched it across the room. 

Went on an ATV tour in Grand Turk which was fun and super pretty, we also hit margaritaville like a freight train.

And here's a random assortment of pictures from the rest of our trip.

Having been on Royal Carribean's ships as well as Princess this was my first time on Carnival and I wasn't overly impressed, though it didn't diminish my fun.

When we arrived home we had to face the fact that The Beef was not allowed to wear his wedding ring to work so he fixed that issue. 

I always said I wouldn't consider marrying someone who wasn't in it for the long haul, all too often people seem to think of marriage as temporary, I'd say getting a tattoo is a pretty good indication he's sticking around.  :)


  1. Looks like a fabulous honeymoon, even if you were sick. What better place to get better?

    1. Absolutely! All that rest was exactly what we needed!