We get older every day

I feel like Nick has pretty much summed exactly how I'm feeling about my impending birthday. 
Also, I'm addicted to gifs right now, sorry. 

I feel like this week has been full of signs that I'm getting older and while I might be shaking my head I'm also laughing a whole lot. 

For instance when saying "it's a quarter after three" a youngster informed me that 15 does not equal a quarter. So like any old geezer I dragged his butt to a real clock to explain where the phrase came from. Mostly he just starred at me like I'd suddenly started speaking Latin so I couldn't resist asking him if he knew what a rotary phone was, he told me he didn't have a phone yet but he had an ipad. 

Monday morning it sleeted and snowed and it was just generally horrible, I drove to work thinking about just crashing into a ditch in order to finally escape from this endless winter. Mother nature took mercy on me and around lunch time Spring showed up out of the blue and seems to be here at least for a little which is fine by me. The sudden spike in temperature and sunshine has just lifted my mood and made me antsy, I just can't seem to stay in the house unless I have to, I need to be outside, I missed it so much. So I've taken to running by the lake again which is proving to be treacherous with all the pot holes & old sand on the road. Enter: marathon compression socks. Thanks to Salt for the heads up on these. 
A gift from The Beef who knows what a horrible monster I'll be if an injury traps me in the house during my beloved spring. I'm not saying compression socks used for safety is what makes me old, that just makes me smart, it was the fact that I did a legit happy dance over them that shows I'm getting old.

I do have some more happy/sad news, I am no longer Batman as I have regained the ability to turn my head again.

Hope you're not reading this at night. ;) 

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  1. We are still mostly house bound by weather. Spring comes slowly to these parts.