Public service announcement

See that face? 
That is The Beef, my darling husband, my whole world, the absolute love of my life. 

I promising I'm not just writing this as a smitten newlywed, but now that your are all queasy I'll get to the point. 

This is another picture of my husband in all his bad-ass, leather clad & helmet wearing motorcycle riding glory.

 The weather is nicer now (FINALLY) so all of his friends are out on their bikes too. Guess what? They all have wives (and children) at home or sometimes on the back of their bikes who feel the same way that I do. So just do us all a favor and please watch out while you're driving around. Don't fiddle with your radio and for heaven sake please stay off that damn cellphone. One minute of distraction is all it takes to destroy our world. 


  1. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THIS POST. We have a real problem around here with motorists not paying attention to anything going on outside of their own car.

    1. I live off of a very narrow winding road that goes around the a lake so if I want to go running at home the views are breath taking but the traffic is a nightmare people are too busy looking at the lake instead of me and my neon yellow shirt.

      Hence I opt to run on my lunch break in a town that has a marvelous system of sidewalks.