That's Gross

I've decided Spring is officially here so I went and got my first iced coffee of the season this morning and something bright colored and fun looking caught my eye on the Dunkin' Donuts menu board. As I got closer I saw what it was and became completely horrified.

Because glazed donuts don't have enough sugar lets cover them with frosting and just for good measure let's cover that frosting with a little more frosting. While we are at it let's just top the whole pile of sugar off with a peep.

I HATE peeps, just look at a picture of one makes my teeth hurt. I am by no means anti-sugar but biting into one and feeling the granules of sugar crunch between your teeth is one of the most disturbing feelings I can imagine.

 The only thing peeps are good for is decorations

and putting in the microwave


  1. Not a peep fan here either. Although I have heard they can be good roasted over a campfire, the only way I would possibly consider eating them.

    1. That's an interesting idea though I'd probably have to scrape most of the sugar off the outside!