My First Therapeutic Run

Yeah, I run under power lines, what of it?
This is the trail that the nice man at the running store recommended to me and every time I set foot on it I remind myself that I really need to send him a big Thank You. There is really no contest between running on the trail and running on the sidewalks in town. I absolutely prefer the peace, quiet and tranquility that comes with running the rail trail. No crosswalks to worry about, no school demon children throwing stuff over the fence at me during recess (they threw chunks of ice once), and no wondering if the approaching car is slowing down on an otherwise empty road to kidnap me.

There was an incident at work yesterday first thing in the morning where I suddenly found myself in some really confusing headspace to the point where I couldn't even pull up my big girl panties and talk it out because I was so emotional. To put it mildly I was an absolute mess on the inside and just barely holding it together on the outside.

Lunch time came around and I suited up and hit the trail at first I tried to think things out but the anxiety that caused just made it harder to breath which of course makes it harder to run. So I just focused on my breathing and saying hello to the people I passed on the trail.

[That's how much I like the trail, I go way out of my comfort zone and feel compelled to be friendly to everyone I see so because I imagine if I'm not someone will kick me out.]

Not only did this lead to my fastest pace 9:51 min per mile run and my longest distance at 2.69 mi but when I was done all my anxiety was gone, I hadn't thought about what was bothering me at all but I already felt better about it and was calm enough to pull it together and talk about the situation like an adult. Of course it turns out that everything was a gigantic misunderstanding but it probably would have ruined my weekend if I didn't get it straightened out and I'm not sure I could have done that without my run. 

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