Splish Splash

Yesterday was the first time since I started running at lunch time that it was raining when it was time for me to go out. I've been really lucky to either have it stop shortly before or start after my run. I knew I had two choices I could either stay inside and try to entertain myself for an hour away from my desk so my boss wouldn't kill me or I could just do it.

My thought process was that if I still had a dog I would still take her out in this weather and aren't my needs just as important? I think they are. So out I went into the drizzle armed with my lucky Giants hat and my rain jacket over my usual running gear.

By the time I made it down to the trail I realized that I had been mistaken about a couple of things, this was not just a drizzle but an all out downpour and my "rain" jacket was barely a water resistant garment. I kept at it though, moving down the trail, dodging puddles, enjoying the solitude and feeling the mud kick up on the back of my legs, it reminded me of being a kid again.

I arrived up back at work with fogged up glasses and completely soaked through to the bone. Oddly enough the only complaint I had about my first run in the rain was that I forgot to set the screen lock on my phone during so the program I use to track my distance accidentally deleted my progress before I could log it. I can't say that I'd prefer to run in the rain all the time but I certainly don't mind it as much as I thought I might. I will say that it helps that it was about 60 degrees out, running in cold rain is probably not as pleasant.


  1. You are more dedicated than I would have been. Although the stuff falling from the sky here is snow still.

    1. I woke up to snow this morning which was a complete shock considering I spent all weekend in a tank top sitting in the sun on my deck!