What did I just call myself?!

Today I actually felt a little bit like a runner. Now of course the minute I say that out loud I feel like a fraud but that seems to be pretty normal for most people when they start out so I'll just embrace it.

Today's run was a little bit different. It wasn't a new distance record that made me feel like a runner, I've run further before. It wasn't a new speed record that made me feel like a runner, I've run faster before. I felt like a runner today because I find got around some imaginary roadblock in my head and the amount of time I spent actually running increased.

Every week the app I'm using has me go up a level with more time spent running and less time walking. Today was the first day of level 5 and the app requires that I spend more time running than walking. It wasn't the first time the program asked me to do this but it was the first time I cooperated with the instructions. Typically towards the end of the running interval I can feel it coming and my brain just shuts down and I lose my momentum with about 30 seconds to go.

Today I discovered a way to mentally power through and started and completed every running interval when instructed and not a second before or after the command was screamed into my ear by the apps Drill Sargent. I could feel my body losing strength as I knew the interval was ending but I just told my self no, at one point I actually said it out loud, thankfully to an empty trail, and it worked.

From here on out the app just starts ramping things up so it appears that I've discovered this new mental ability just in time.

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