Weekly Workout Summary 8/9/15

I would really like to make this a regular thing if nothing else, I have a planner for what I am going to do but I think it would also be nice to have a place to put down how it all went.

Monday: 3 mile run at a comfortable pace with my running buddy. Final time 31:58. We brain stormed training ideas and went over all the things we, really I, should have done differently. After that we did an upper body workout ala Salt and I had to wave good-bye as running buddy went off on vacation to Portugal.

Tuesday: 4 mile run at a local park with the largest bearded man that I know. Final time 40:39. He hadn't run in a year and is still kind of recovering from a motorcycle accident a few months back but he made it 3 miles with me which was  most helpful, one mile I could manage alone, I'm not sure I was up for 4 that day.

Wednesday: 40 minute tempo run on the treadmill. I am still not good at treadmill running. My comfortable pace outside feels out of control fast on the treadmill. I just need to keep practicing and acclimate to it. But my comfortable pace was really slow and my race pace was probably my comfortable pace. Final distance 3.27 miles

Thursday: I went and bought new running shoes because the ones I got back in May were starting to hurt my feet the way I used to feel when I would run in cross trainers. 3 mile run. The large bearded guy had to cancel on me and the beef needed to mow the lawn so I was on my own. If I'd known that I would have gotten this out of the way in the morning but oh well, shit happens. I took a new route in my new shoes and the first mile was great. The second mile had hills and I was lonely, but on the third mile I started focusing on things in the distance and picked up speed and was happy with my finish. Final time 28:07. I also got in another upper body workout which felt great at the time and then the next day my arms were useless.

Friday: Rest Day. So I signed up for a race because I felt like I had to do SOMETHING. Oh and then this guy showed up, so it wasn't a total loss.

Saturday: 60 minute walk was what I had scheduled. I probably got that in and then some with my trip to target and all the other chores I did. I was pretty non stop with the moving around so it was unofficial exercise.

Sunday: 6 miles. I was so excited because I've never actually run 6 before. I wasn't completely confident that I could do it with results that would make me happy if I did it on my own so I enlisted the beef to mount up on a bicycle and accompany me on the route I'd planned out. Well 3 minutes into my warm up parts starting falling off the bicycle. So fighting back tears of disappointment I headed out on my own. My water bottle was too big and heavy b/c I'd be planning on not carrying it but this is what I was stuck with b/c going back home to get a different one probably would have resulted in not running at all. My running shorts started riding up almost instantly which started screwing with my head but once my body warmed they stayed in place and I didn't have to give them a second thought. I couldn't find a comfortable way to carry my water bottle so I ended up repositioning it every 30 seconds or so. That was incredibly annoying. The hill were more plentiful than I had planned and and the sun covered more of the route than I had anticipated but I did it. All by myself, after starting out with a heck of a mindfuck I was able to take on the entire 6 miles. I even managed to beat the 1:05 goal I'd secretly been hoping for. My final time was 1:02:30.

Confidence at an all time high this week, right now with all the challenges I've faced it seems like there is nothing that I can't do. I'm excited about my upcoming races and I know that as long as I keep up the good work, stick to my plan and stay out of my way I'll be just fine.

Total Miles: 19.27

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