Go Hard, responsibly.

I would call that a pretty accurate description of what I look like when signing up for a race.

And signing up I have been.

But I'm being smart about it and I am taking into account how much time I will need to properly train for the races that I choose.

I'm upping my distance but not at a speed that will kill or even injure me.

I've decided to stick with the Hal Higdon plans because I have had success with them and so it is based on those time tables that I have made my race decisions.

This means that my 10k race in September just became part of my half marathon training program for the race I have signed up for on halloween.  Connecticuts flattest half marathon sounds like a good place to start.

Halloween is probably the only time you could get me to run in a costume so it just made sense to me. I'm even pretty sure I know what it will be but I'll get to that at a later time.

After the half it looks like pickins are slim for races up here in new england but we shall see how it goes.

Heaven knows I love a good double fist pump at my laptop.

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