Weekly Workout Summary 8/23/15

Monday: I had the day off to recover from my road trip and to try to get my life in order. I woke up cranky and not excited to run. So I immediately got dressed and set out for a run. I walked into a garage and was slapped with crushing humidity. Ok... I can't run in that. So I hit the treadmill. My god I hate the treadmill. I need to distract myself because staring at the display is just hell for motivation but I suffered though and got my 3 miles in. I need to figure out how to make friends with my treadmill.

Tuesday: 5 miles on the treadmill which was just awful. I covered the display and had cartoons playing on my ipad to distract me but I just feel like I am SO SLOW on the treadmill and it drives me crazy. If I try to bump it up to what my pace is outside I feel like I'm draining myself instantly. I guess I just need more practice.

Wednesday: 45 minute tempo run on the treadmill. I welcomed the torture this time because it came right after something that happened that I needed to sort out in my head. I probably didn't go as fast as I should have but I got it in and even managed to feel better after.

Thursday: 3 miles and I said to hell with it and went outside after work. The humidity was crushing but I didn't care. It had been a long and emotional week and I just needed to see some forward progress. It's so much easier to run when you can just focus on something in the distance and let it pull you forward. Mile one was a little rough but what else is new, I felt much better as the run went on and I wish I had been scheduled for more miles. My splits were encouraging though.

Friday: Rest day = working the deep fryer at a state fair all night does not feel like rest. I had a cute guy next to me working the grill though.

Saturday: Scheduled 60 minutes of light exercise, which I try to walk out. I didn't get in an official block but there was a party at my house and I feel like I walked a bunch just trying to get my socializing on.

Sunday: 6 miles scheduled, had to get up early to get this in before work and it was great. My final time was 27 seconds longer than my last 6 miles but I didn't need to stop for any walk breaks this time around and there were more hills along the route. Very happy with my performance especially considering the festivities the night before that lead to a severe lack of sleep. Looking forwarded to moving beyond this distance next week.

That's my holy crap I can probably do anything face. 

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