Thank You Dollar Store.

Mr. Button had a birthday recently and people came over to the house to celebrate. I am a firm believer in party decorations so I headed out to the dollar store to pick up some matchy matchy things I could throw all over the house. I wanted twilight decorations but they are apparently too expensive for the dollar store to carry. This is a shame because even though he would deny it to his friends, I think an appearance by Edward Cullen's face under a slice of ice cream cake would have really made Mr. Button's day. I settled on some generic sports theme instead because football was upon us and Mr. Button is more likely to admit to his super manly testosterone filled love of sports than the one he has for sparkly vampires. *le sigh*

So these are the decorations I spent $6 on:

Festive little flags

Festive little hanging things

Festive plates, cups & napkins.

Festive birthday wishes.

Wait. look at that again. Apparently at the dollar store you get what you paid for. HAPPA BIRTHDAY!!

Also no birthday at my house would be complete without an obnoxiously gigantic balloon.

Do you have any dorky birthday musts? Is it weird that the birthday sign was up for hours before someone noticed the misspelling?


  1. That's of these days, I will throw Mike a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday, just for shits and giggles.

  2. Totally not weird that the sign was up for hours without anyone noticing. I probably wouldn't have seen it either if you hadn't pointed it out. Hell, it got all packaged up and sent to the store and no one caught it. :)

    I hope Mr. Button loved his party! Your decorating looks very festive and fabulous. No party is complete without a ginormous balloon!

  3. Katie - no party is complete without a theme, even if it's just $6 worth of matchy matchy crap to throw up on the walls. God help me if I ever reproduce..

    Salt - as a group full of people stood in the room feeling awkward that it had been hours and no one had noticed we made the unanimous decision that since the A and the Y were the same color we had nothing to feel bad about.

  4. I did not notice the lack of Y until you mentioned it. haha

    I'm jealous of Mr. Button's balloon. My birthday's in January *hint hint*