Mmmmm Smoothies aka how I almost died.

I hope your holiday weekend was filled with less peril than mine was. Not to say my weekend wasn't lovely. Tons of great stuff happened, the weather was beautiful, Notre Dame won their first game, Jimmie Johnson had a top 5 finish, Mr. Button had a birthday and I won a poker game.

The problem was Sunday morning when I went to make myself a smoothie. The best part about smoothies isn't that I can make them in any yummy flavor my little button heart desires, but that I get to use my magic bullet while I do so. If you're unfamiliar with the product you fail an infomercials and I'm not sure I want you reading my blog or being my friend. Harsh? Maybe, but watch the infomercial and tell me that you're honestly not ashamed to have been missing out for all these years. I really do love it, it's magic and works almost as well as they say it does. I have no complaints and use it whenever I can. It's awesome for smoothies because I can blend them right in the cup I drink them from! Ok, I'm done trying to sell it to you, just go buy it yourself.

Anyway, It was like ever other day, I got out the bullet, measured out cup of water, two scoops of button's mystery smoothie powder & headed to the freezer for my frozen fruit. I selected the stop & shop brand mixed fruit that contained pineapple, strawberry, peaches & mangos because it's my new favorite. The bag was almost empty so I dumped it into the cup, added the powder, water screwed on the top and started to blend it.

A few seconds later the cup seemed to explode! Suddenly everything, even me seemed to be covered in smoothie and when I stopped freaking out I noticed something very strange on the counter next to the magic bullet a chunk of metal, that my friend later said had to be a piece from a tension rod.

It's a pretty heavy chunk of metal and for that I am glad because if it was lighter it would have traveled farther and if the path of the smoothie was any indication hit me directly in the stomach. Which according to my friend would have really made it a magic bullet. (hardy har har)

Here you can see the fruit I will never feel safe buying again, the damaged cup and the offending piece of metal. Pretty freaky, eh?

Unfortunately my, so I've been told, rather pricey purse was a casuality of smoothie spraying all over my kitchen and since it was a gift from Mr. Button's mom I'm pretty bummed about it.

So I must know, does anyone else have any experiences like this? What would you do if it happened to you?

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