It's OK, I'm with the band.

You get NO fun graphics today, instead you get a prize!

I feel like I've been waiting forever to write this entry! Unfortunately, my internet at home has been down and I've been working some super insane hours so even though I want to gush all over the place I just don't have it in me, I'm just hella punchy. But take my word for it, under any other circumstances I'd be losing my mind with coherent excitement right now.

So, the good news?

My super awesome, incredibly wonderful and talented as all hell friend, Dan, has just released his 1st solo album! I've been listening to the songs for months because I'm all sorts of V.I.P and even though there isn't tons of electric guitars & incoherent screaming I really dig it, hence I think that you will too.

And what makes this even better? It's FREE! So if you don't like it, no big deal, all he wants is your soul. Wait, I mean your name & email address so he knows you're human, or so he can make a voodoo doll of everyone who has the album, either way, what do you care?

So head on over thisaway for details and if you happen to be a fan you might want to check out his band Nightlite Mary because they are also awesome.

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  1. I love prizes! And awesome new music. I also love graphics, but I think I can let it slide just this one time...