Falling into Autumn

When I was 12 years old moving to New England seemed like a death sentence. I mean seriously, the entire region is expected to share one football team! We had to drive passed fields of corn & cows to get to the new house. The main road was only ONE lane! As I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate the little things New England has to offer (with the exception of the Red Sox). I've also gained the ability transport myself back to my beloved New York whenever I want, so that helps.

I think the absolute best thing about New England is that no matter what the calendar says it's already Autumn. And with that, since the internet at my house is out I'm doing the 5 things I love about Autumn in no particular order.

College Football, specifically Notre Dame football, which in recent years hasn't given me much to be happy about but I love it just the same. My family has a long history with Notre Dame and one day I'll tell you about it because it's kind of awesome and it's certainly left me with unconditional love for the Fighting Irish.

Professional Football, most notably the New York Giants. So much so that my work availability revolves around their schedule. Thankfully I was born in the region of New York that belongs to them fans otherwise I'd be stuck with the miserable existence that every Jet fan is burdened with. Win or lose my love for big blue has never faltered and my Manning jersey is the focal point of my wardrobe every Sunday.

Pumpkin! This is the time of year when people start putting pumpkin in everything! I'm currently sipping a pumpkin iced coffee as I type this. We get muffins, donuts, coffee, ice cream, pie etc and it's HEAVENLY! Not to mention carving them is a blast.

A is for APPLE! This is another thing that starts popping up everywhere this time of year and being surrounded by orchards makes it that much sweeter. From apple cider to apple butter and every single amazing thing in between Autumn just wouldn't be the same without it.

Last but certainly not least: foliage. FOE-LEE-AGE if you say foil-age you can just GTFO right now. It makes you sound like a crazy leaf peeper and it means that you're one of those people who's holding up traffic. It's absolutely gorgeous but learn to appreciate it while on the move, no need to stop traffic to see the pretty colors.

What's your favorite thing about Autumn?


  1. I have a major obsession with pumpkin. A greater obsession than cupcakes, which is hard to do. I stick pureed pumpkin in EVERYTHING this time of year. E just gave me a bottle of pumpkin latte syrup and I almost frenched her.

    I also love going to pick my own apples and getting fresh apple cider. Unfortunately, I haven't found any apple farms down here, so I just sigh lustfully whenever I see my friends update their FB status with "going to the farm to get apples". Hoars. At least we'll be in OH in two weeks - we're actually sidestopping at the apple farm on the way to my sister's wedding, lol.

  2. I LOVE apple picking! Dan and I are thinking about heading out to do some this weekend or next weekend. I can't wait!

    I also have a sudden craving to make pumpkin cheesecake...mmm

    Best time of the year!!

  3. I am pleased that you are a Giants fan because when you said "New England" I automatically thought of the Patriots, which automatically makes me think of Tom Brady, which automatically makes me want to punch myself in the face.