Well that's interesting

I firmly believe that dragging half dead butt out of bed this morning was only made possible because I was thinking about all the people yesterday who told me I inspired them. So, thank you citizens! 

The first part of today's run before work this morning was amazing, near perfect if I do say so myself. My rhythm was on point, my focus solid and my headspace clear. I could not have asked for a better run. The return trip wasn't so hot. The shooting pain in my butt came back and shot to my knee and then down the front to my shin. I could not run through it, it hobbled me. I stopped for a minute and tried some really strange stretches while praying no one would happen upon me. 
I started back at a very slow pace still in pain and feeling the energy just evaporate from my soul. I had a few good stretches where I picked up my pace and actually felt less pain that way but having lot momentum and heading up hill my energy level was shot. 

Eventually I made I back and when I checked my app I saw that despite my dismal finish I actually had my fastest pace of the week so there is that to focus on. 

My morning at the office was so busy I was completely chained to my desk and made it a point to evacuate the building for lunch and found a delightful spot to dine. 

When I was finished I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go for a little stroll. I made a big mistake though and opted to keep my flimsy flat shoes on. In just 20 minutes (which ended going up a really steep hill) I knew I was in trouble. Both of my feet had blisters on the bottoms and my left achellies tendon felt like it might blow out of my leg. 

Immediately I iced it and about an hour later it no longer hurt but felt creaky. I decided to put on my running shoes even though they looked completely ridiculous with my maxi dress and the difference was instantious. I just needed some support so on my way home I got some tape and after watching a few YouTube videos decided on a configuration that would offer support. 

I felt good as new and was perfectly fine during a post dinner 2 mile chat and stroll with my mother. 

I'm resting it right now and hoping for everything to be normal again in the morning. I suspect that my poor foot wear choice is mostly to blame because that same hill made my tendon ache in my old crappy sneakers in my lunch time walks during the winter, but I'm not discounting the fact that I may be running too much too fast. 

I think the trail might be a no go tomorrow but I have a few other options depending on how everything feels in the morning. The last thing I want is another injury sidelining me. 

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