I did it!

I am not a morning person but I find working out in the morning to be the best route for me because I am GREAT at coming up with excuses for not working out if I have all day to do so. 

I've gone running before work on the trail several times but only on the weekends. I have to be at my desk a full hour earlier during the week so instead of leaving at my normal time today I had to be up and out a full hour earlier. I'm not going to lie, that was not easy. I felt like I was still half asleep on the drive over. 

As I parked the car I got really excited though because there were a lot of people out and about running. 

I hit the trail and started running and it just was not going well, I felt really lazy today. I couldn't find a rhythm, my form was all off and I kept wondering how writes it would be to nap in the woods. 

I had to stop to re tie my shoes and then I  started getting fussy and actually thought about cutting it short. Thankfully  I thought about how much worse I would feel drowning in disappointment later so I kept going and even attempted to pick up some speed. My endurance just wasn't there though and at the halfway mark it felt like it would take me forever to get back. I also started to worry that I wouldn't get back to work with enough time to stretch and change. 

So I had a little pep talk with myself, there is obviously only one way to get back quicker, run you fool. 

So I started hauling ass which is a special kind of torture on the return trip because it's all up hill. Suddenly I noticed a couple up ahead of me in the distance just strolling along hand in hand. I focused on them and the ground I was gaining. I finally smiled for the first time since I ripped myself from my nice warm bed and that's when it happened 

Ok well I didn't get shot but it sure did feel like it and my right leg felt dead. A few minutes of stretching later and I was functional again but all hope of as strong finish was lost. 

I ended my run in a pretty dismal mood but it thankfully didn't take me long to realize a few very important things. 1) hey I got my ass out of bed and made it to the trail this morning  and 2) my duration and distance are already so much more than April and I've only been back at this for 4 days. 

I have all the reason in the world to smile about what I'm doing. I wore heels all day at work without leg pain and I'm actually typing this on my phone as I'm enjoying an evening stroll. So I'm stronger, I'm not injuring myself and everyday I'm laying the foundation for some amazing feats yet to come. 

Breath. Smile. Repeat. All is well. 

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