There's a glitch in the matrix

Finding motivation to run today was challenging. I had the day off from work and my legs were incredibly sore. I laid in bed stretching for a few extra minutes trying to find the proper motivation and I decided that I should go running because 
1) it really was nice outside
2) the beef worked an overnight so I had no one to cuddle with
3) sitting around wouldn't make my legs feel any better 
4) it would be hard to find the motivation to go out once the beef got home

So I decided that since it was early enough that traffic would be light and the view would be pleasant I would do a straight shot out and back from a road I live off of. The added bonus of this was that my shaky motivation wouldn't be a factor because no matter how far out I went I would still have to run back home. I am a genius.

4 miles of this view made it really easy to forget about how sore my legs were but on the flipside of that I kept zoning out and daydreaming about the lake so I was slowing down much more than I normally would. I also managed to some how pause my app halfway though the run and it took me about a mile and a half to realize it so while my distance was logged correctly the pace was all off I don't care too much though I'm just happy to be out there again. 

I did notice today that whenever I stopped my glasses would fog up instantly which is a great motivator to keep things moving. I've also been loading up on the sunscreen because as much and I love my super absorbent bondi band I do not want to deal with the tan line it would cause across my forehead. 

I had one weird moment on my run today on the way out I happened across a road kill squirrel and as expected happened upon it on my return trip. Clearly nothing out of the ordinary there until a few minutes later I ran across a second one that I did not notice the first time yet it looked exactly like the first one I saw and all I could think was that there was a glitch in the matrix.

I'm excited for tomorrows run I'm going to try something I've never done before, should be fun!

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