Ikea is a bad influence

Yesterday my friend and I spent several hours wandering around Ikea day dreaming. 

Today I'm looking around my house pouting at everything because it's just not "good enough"*.

We rent this house so making it "good enough" isn't on my to do list because there is no point though I'm sure the landlord would love it. 

So I'm banned from buying from Ikea until after we buy a house but that of course doesn't stop me from exacerbating the situation by going there and spending half of my day daydreaming. 

It was point out to me that I have really "weird" (I say eclectic) taste and if I don't get myself straightened out my future home is bound to look like a spaceship flew through an art museum and then crashed into a farm house.  

I'm sure when I have the right pallet in place I'll be able to adjust my design ideas.

In the meantime if you feel like shopping for me at Ikea I've prepared a wishlist of things that I wouldn't mind keep in storage or making fit in my house for the next few months.

*term used very loosely and in the brattiest way possible.

All day long I could not stop staring at this damn pictures, I don't know why but I've become obsessed. This is highly unlike me, well, as far as pictures are concerned that is.
I find typewriters incredibly romantic though I'm not sure why because my only experience with one came as a gift from my grandmother. I imagine a little office nook so I don't have to work from home on my couch anymore and I think this would just make a darling addition.
I feel like it goes without saying that I really need to own this. I was seconds away from picking it up and running to the checkout yesterday when I imagined what my reaction to the beef bringing home such an item would be. I try my hardest not to be a hypocrite so I let it be, but one day I'd really like to have this, perhaps in my office nook. Just picture it, Button's Blog coming to you from atop a button rug. Too precious.
If you follow me on pinterest it's pretty obvious that I have an obsession with shelves but what you might not know is that apparently I have an obsession with clocks as well. I feel like I get this from my father who has a substantial clock collection. I never really realized it but over the past few years as I'm out and about in the world I can't help but notice clocks. I don't see a clock as useless even though I can find the time on my computer, cellphone, microwave, oven, etc. I guess I think of them more as art, I'm looking at them as I would a picture so maybe my office nook will need to be more of a room some day so that I can fill it with clocks and shelves. At least I can put clocks on shelves or in this case have a clock that is also shelves.

Seriously, this clock is hopelessly beautiful and caters to my newly reignited obsession with roman numerals, how delightful.

Chair/towel rack which is basically a cleverly designed shelf so of course it speaks to me and has endless possibilities, and if push comes to shove I will need something to sit on in my office nook.
So something truly terrible happened in Ikea; I discovered that this item exists. I was playing kitchen and opened what I thought was an double wall oven only to discover that it's actually a microwave and oven instead of two ovens. So now I sit here glaring at my countertop microwave wish I could smash it into the wall so it wasn't taking up so much valuable counter space. This might be the end of me.

So ends my wish list. This is not a sponsored post but if Ikea wants to throw a clock my way for writing it I would not decline it. Just sayin'. 

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