6 Months!

Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary! 

I am fully willing to admit that I have completely surprised myself and dorked out to the max over being married. To further establish my annoying newlywed status I bought my husband a 6 month anniversary present. This is completely out of character but I'm enjoying it immensely. I mean, getting married was the coolest thing I've ever done so I might as well wallow in the fun of it.

Though I do have a history of gifting him random things for no reason so maybe it's not so dorky to actually make up an occasion for it. 

Incase you care the gift was python straps to make our hammock camping adventures more fun. 

That's not the reason I'm writing this post though, I really just wanted to share our wedding photo album because I love it! Seems cheesy b/c you've seen most of the pictures in the recap I did here but hey, if I'm going to call myself an annoying newlywed I might as well live up to it. 

Our pictures came to me in the beginning of december and straight away I made one photo book for each of our parents to give as Christmas gifts. It was pretty easy considering that I was on a tight deadline, decision had to be made fast. I came up with a basic layout using blurb (which btw is super easy) and just switched out a few pictures here and there to personalize it. 

When it came time to do ours however I didn't have a deadline and therefore had all the time in the world to hem and haw over all the picture choices. I feel like this was a good thing though because it really gave me a chance to go through all the pictures and the 3rd and 4th time few I found some gems I'd completely overlooked on my previous picture browsing adventures.

My goal was to create a story with pictures that completely captured the events of the day and I feel like I did a pretty good job. So years from now going back and looking I'll be able to share the details of our wedding with someone who wasn't in attendance and really be able to show them how the whole day went down.

I love that we had such a casual event and I love that a great friend of mine was the person who captures it, it doesn't come off as staged or stuffy and the true spirit of the day really shines through.

I also feel like kind of a badass because I got this done in under 6 months which I've come to find out is quite the feat! 

The cover, I went with the hardcover option. 

Our invite.

One thing I wasn't thrilled about with was that on page 2 blurb takes the bottom part of your page and blocks it off so that they can put their own stuff there. In the books for our parents I had detail shots there but didn't really like how the text messed up the flow so for our book I added text from our ceremony and I thought it had a nicer look to it, it's also nice to have those words for always. 

Pictures from our big hat bitches brunch and getting ready pictures. I love that picture of my mom seeing me for the first time after hair and makeup, I'd missed this one the first few times through, her eyes are bugging out of her face and it's awesome.

Priceless mother and daughter getting ready shots. 

Sneaky sneaky first look.

Couple portraits. 

Some more first looks.

Walking down the aisle.

The hand off and the ceremony. 

We did it!

First married snuggles and kisses.

DIY details. 

Cake fight!!

Family portraits.

My parents. 

His parents. 


Dear friends. 

More friends & hanging out in the grass.

Hugs and booze.


People watching.

Our first dance.

Father daughter dance.

Mother son dance plus me being forced to dance again.

Dancing fools.

Mid reception photo shoot.

BBQ & speeches.

More speeches.

Play clothes.

The end.

The back, rather appropriate I think. ;)

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