Let's have a chuckle!

Having decided on a timeout from social media for 40 days I've had to go about finding alternate ways to amuse myself. For one, the house has never been cleaner, I'm ripping through books like crazy and I think I've come up with every possible decoration scheme for our future home via pinterest. 

I'm also laughing a lot more. The real out loud kind, not the noiseless laugh that one tends to do while browsing the internet. I thought I would share a few things that really tickled my funny bone recently. 

Warning: I've been told my sense of humor is strange.

This little gem caused water to erupt from many places on my face. 

I thought this was so amusing I had to share it and almost no one else did.

I hope my life never depends the ability to eat with chopsticks.

No words. Just none.


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